Orchestra/Wind Ensemble

Lakescape (2017) Orchestra and SATB Choir, 27 minutes

Shades of Blue Green (2016) Wind Symphony, Two Amplified Violins and Tap Dancer, 7 minutes

Sea Caves, Hear Caves (2014) Orchestra and Recorded Sounds of the Sea Caves at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, 11 minutes

Melusina Calls to the Loon (2002) Solo Violin and Chamber Orchestra, 11 minutes


For Johnny B. from Lakescape (2017), SATB Choir, Saxophone, Trombone and Strings, 27 minutes

To What Listens (2016) SATB Choir, Piano, Trombone and Percussion, 14 minutes

Ours is This Sky (2014) SATB Choir, Tuned Wine Glasses, 11 minutes




Incidental Music for Silent Sky (2016) by Laura Gunderson, Tech Theater Company

Music for scenes 7 and 8 Stealing Fire (2013) an original production by the Tech Theater Company. Choreography by Mary Muncil, Kalen Larson, Flight Director.

Incidental Music for Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (2012). Tech Theater Company, Patricia Helsel, Director. (2012)


Wild Beauty (2018) Violin, Clarinet (optional), Piano and Percussion, 11 minutes

Turbulence (2017) Bass Clarinet, Violin and Vibraphone, 4 minutes

Melusina Calls to the Loon (1999) for Solo Violin, 10 minutes